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Terms and Conditions

Here, we document and clarify our terms and conditions in order to foster your confidence in doing business with us.

From time to time our terms and conditions may be updated. These terms and conditions were last updated on 26/10/15.

  1. Our 100% Guarantee
  2. Fixed Price - With No Extra Charges
  3. About the Quotation
  4. Pricing Validity
  5. VAT
  6. Suggested Dates
  7. How to Order
  8. Placing the Order
      - By Formal Purchase Order
      - By Pre-Payment
  9. Confirmation
  10. The Confirmation Document
  11. Our Cancellation Policy
      - What is a Cancellation?
      - What if you Cancel?
      - What if we Cancel?
      - How to Cancel
      - About Acts of God
      - Cancellation Policy Acceptance
  12. The Venue
      - General Venue Requirements
      - About The Room
      - Room Layout
      - Refreshments
      - Equipment Considerations
      - Trainer Arrival
      - Directions
      - Parking
  13. Course Times
  14. The Invoice
  15. Payment Terms
  16. Ways to Pay
  17. Complaints Procedure

Our 100% Guarantee

We guarantee to provide you/your organisation with training services to your 100% satisfaction. If you are less than 100% satisfied, we will financially resolve the situation to your satisfaction up to, and including 100% of the amount paid for, or due for, the services provided. (That is, if necessary, we will be happy to provide a full refund but cannot be liable beyond this.)

In the unlikely event you are dissatisfied, and wish to invoke this guarantee, we will need to know in writing within calendar 14 days of completion of the training. Please email us or write to: The Training Manager, Lumia Development, Kemp House, 152 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom.

Fixed Price - With No Extra Charges

Once our service has been ordered, we agree to deliver training on your premises for an all-inclusive price. This price will include the following:

  • The services of an appropriately experienced developer/trainer.
  • All trainer expenses (eg, hotel, travel).
  • Use of one laptop per attendee for the duration of the course.
  • Course software for the duration of the course.
  • Use of presentation equipment for the duration of the course.
  • Course notes, exercise and projects in digital form.
  • Example data.
  • Extension leads for the duration of the course.

Additionally, once the training is complete, each attendee will be provided with:

  • A set of training notes (in digital form).
  • A copy of their own work created during the training (in digital form).
  • A digital certificate of attendance.

About the Quotation

Orders for our training services are only accepted once you have received from us a clear, written quotation for our services. This will have been sent to you previously via email in PDF format.

This quotation will provide clear details of the training services being offered and will include:

  1. A quotation number and date (the quotation will be valid for seven calendar days).
  2. A description of the training on offer (usually with a link to a detailed outline of topics to be covered).
  3. The duration of the proposed training (no of days).
  4. Number of people who may attend the training (the attendees).
  5. The all-inclusive fixed price of the training (exclusive of VAT).
  6. The location of the training (venue).
  7. A simple list of venue and refreshment requirements.
  8. Daily start and end times along with times and durations of lunch and breaks.
  9. Information about our payment terms.
  10. Details of how to order and how to pay.

Pricing Validity

While we reserve the right to raise or lower our prices at any time, the quotation price will reflect any associated prices promoted on our website on the date of quotation. The quotation, and in particular the quotation price, will be valid for seven calendar days from the date of quotation. After seven calendar days from the date of quotation the price may have changed and it may be necessary to request a revised quotation.


The quotation price will be exclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate which will be added to the quotation price at the time of invoice.

Suggested Dates

Any quotation you receive from us will contain up to three suggested dates upon which the training can take place. While the dates will have been available when the quotation was prepared, we cannot guarantee they will remain available - particularly during busy periods. Before placing an order for our training services, it is important for you to verify with us that the dates are still available (How to Contact Us).

If we become aware that you require training on specific dates but your order may be delayed, we may be able to hold the dates for you in the meantime.

How to Order

  1. Establish which training you would like us to deliver for you. You can either do this by browsing our available standard SQL training courses (List of available SQL training courses) or by contacting us by email (How to Contact Us).

  2. Request a PDF quotation. This is a simple matter. The PDF quotation provides written clarification of the particular training we are offering you and suggests some available dates. In most cases, the PDF quotation can be emailed to you within a few minutes.

  3. Check that the details of the quotation are correct and choose from the dates suggested. If you are ready to order straight away, it is most likely that your chosen dates will still be available and you will be able to order the training. If (as is most common) there is a delay between receiving the quotation and your readiness to order, once you are ready to order, it is wise to contact us again to verify that the dates are still available (How to Contact Us).

  4. Place the order (see Placing the Order next, below).

Placing the Order

There are two ways you can order our training services:

1.   By Formal Purchase Order

Most organisations order our training services via formal purchase order. A formal purchase order is an established, legally binding document which gives us the authority to provide your organisation with our training services. It clarifies the particular training services being ordered, the dates on which the training will take place and the price agreed for the training. It provides detailed information about the basis upon which the order is being placed (your 'terms and conditions'). It also tells us where to send our request for payment (the invoice). Most importantly, assuming the training is satisfactorily provided, it guarantees payment and it indicates how and when we will be paid.

If you are ordering our services by formal purchase order, then all you need to do is email the order to us.

IMPORTANT: Please note, if you are placing an order in this way, we will need to receive the actual order, not just the order number. We are unable to accept orders on receipt of the order number alone.

2.   By Pre-Payment

If you would prefer to book without the need for a formal purchase order, we can also reserve the dates by accepting full payment beforehand. We can accept payment via BACS (see Ways to Pay below).


Once dates have been agreed and your order has been received and accepted, we will reserve the dates and send detailed clarification of the training services we are now committed to providing for you. This detailed clarification takes the form of a PDF confirmation document sent to you via email. We ask you to take the time to read this document carefully to ensure that we have accurately recorded the details of your particular training requirements.

The Confirmation Document

The confirmation document clarifies the following details of our agreement to provide you with training services:

  1. It acknowledges receipt of your order for our training services (either by formal purchase order or by receipt of pre-payment).
  2. It commits us to providing training services for you on the agreed dates and for the agreed price and confirms the terms upon which we have accepted the order. Specifically, if you have ordered via formal purchase order, it will clarify when payment will be due.
  3. It clearly identifies the training location (see: the venue), how many days the training will last and how many people we expect to attend the training.
  4. It gives a simple list of venue and refreshment requirements, daily start and end times, as well as times for, and durations of, lunch and breaks.
  5. It confirms where you have asked us to send the invoice/receipt and will indicate how and when the invoice/receipt will be sent.
  6. It clarifies when you should expect the trainer to arrive. If the trainer is arriving by car, it will be ask you to clarify parking arrangements (if any).
  7. Finally, it prints our cancellation policy in full, clarifying that orders are only accepted on the basis that you accept our cancellation policy.

    If you are unable to accept our cancellation policy, it is very important we are made aware of this as soon as you have checked the details of the confirmation document, as we may be unable to provide you with training services.

If you ordered the training via formal purchase order, the confirmation document will also contain details of when payment will be due (payment terms) and give details of ways to pay.

Our Cancellation Policy

1.  What is a Cancellation?

A cancellation is where either you inform us, or we inform you, that previously ordered and confirmed training is no longer required. Specifically, for the purposes here, a postponement is also a cancellation. That is, when training is postponed, either you will be informing us, or we will be informing you, that training is not required on dates already ordered and confirmed.

2.  What if you Cancel?

The problem: Once we have accepted your order and reserved the dates for your training, we refuse all other requests for our services on those dates. Were you to cancel the order at short notice (for whatever reason), we would be unable to reallocate our time and resources to those who would otherwise have used our services had we not refused their requests by saving the dates for you.

Our approach: Orders can be cancelled up to 11 business days (inclusive) before the start of the course without charge. Orders cancelled between 10 and 6 business days (inclusive) before the start of a course will incur a cancellation fee calculated as 50% of the total confirmed training price. Orders cancelled between 5 and 0 days before the start of the training will incur a cancellation fee calculated as 100% of the total confirmed training price.

2.  What if we Cancel?

We aim to never cancel. In over twenty five years, we have had to rearrange the dates for one confirmed training course and this was because of a death in the trainer's family. If we need to cancel previously confirmed training (at any stage), we will offer alternative dates for the same training at 50% of the total confirmed training price.

3.  How to Cancel

If you need to cancel previously confirmed training, we ask you to email us at the earliest opportunity. If we need to cancel previously confirmed training, we will inform you at the earliest opportunity via email.

4.  About Acts of God

Unfortunately, neither we nor you can be liable for Acts of God (circumstances beyond your or our control: bad weather, terrorist attacks etc). In the case of an Act of God, we adopt the following approach:

If the trainer arrives at the venue but we can't deliver the training, we will treat this as though you cancelled the training 6 business days (inclusive) before the start of a course. That is, you will owe us 50% of the total confirmed training price.

If the trainer doesn't arrive at the venue, we will treat this as though we cancelled the training and will offer alternative dates for the same training at 50% of the total confirmed training price.

5.  Cancellation Policy Acceptance

The confirmation document reprints this cancellation policy in full and clarifies that orders are only accepted on the basis that you accept our cancellation policy.

The Venue

We mostly deliver training on our customers' premises. However, if you aren't able to source a suitable room on the required dates, we can also arrange to deliver the training at another location close by - for example, a hotel or other business venue with suitable facilities.

Delivering the training at a venue other than your own will involve extra costs and these will be clearly identified in the quotation.

1.  General Venue Requirements

We provide all equipment and software required to deliver the course at your premises. This includes one pre-configured laptop per attendee for use during the course, a projector and training materials. It even includes extension leads and 'Duck' tape so we can ensure that cables are not left trailing dangerously across the floor.

2.  About the Room

In order to deliver the training, we need a suitably quiet room with enough work space for each attendee and at least one power socket - (that's all!).

3.  Room Layout

We can work with most types of room layout ('classroom', 'boardroom', 'external U', etc).

Because there is a lot of one to one interaction during the training (where the trainer needs access to each attendee's laptop) - and because it's usually easier to organise power cables in this arrangement - we prefer the 'boardroom' layout.

4.  Refreshments

For on-site courses, we ask you to provide tea, coffee etc for the morning and afternoon breaks (usually 15 minutes at 11am and 3pm). Lunch is not required.

5.  Equipment Considerations

We do not require you to organise any special insurance arrangements for our equipment while at your venue. We take responsibility for this. And where the training lasts for more than one day, we are happy to remove the equipment at the end of each day.

Where it is possible to leave equipment overnight, this can be helpful. Based on the particular security arrangements at the venue (whether the room is locked etc), the trainer will take a view on whether or not we are happy to leave equipment overnight. If we do leave equipment overnight, we take responsibility for it.

6.   Trainer Arrival

For on-site courses, the trainer will arrive around 30 minutes before the start of the course in order to unpack the laptops and prepare the room for the training. We ask you to notify us of any special arrival procedures that the trainer should be aware of - particularly if these procedures will add time to the journey. For example: "We are located in a secure area and it usually takes 20 minutes to undergo the security check." or "Report to the gatehouse, then proceed to the unmarked door at the end of the red building where our contact will meet you."

7.  Directions

These days of satellite navigation systems and Google maps, we don't usually require special maps or directions to find our way to within fifty yards of the training venue. From time to time though, the last fifty yards may cause a hiccup. If you believe we may need help with the last fifty yards, we are always grateful to receive it.

8.  Parking

Where the trainer would normally arrive by car, we don't require special parking arrangements. However, it is common for the trainer to be unfamiliar parking practicalities at your venue. We therefore usually ask you to make us aware of any parking issues that may cause difficulty on arrival and therefore potentially delay the start of the training. For example: "You need to park across the road, behind building 'C'." or "The best place to park is in the NCP 15 minutes walk away."

Course Times

Normally, courses start at 9.30am and continue until 4.30pm with an hour for lunch (usually between 1.00pm and 2.00pm). We have a 15 minute break for refreshments during both the morning and afternoon sessions (usually at 11am and 3pm).

We can adjust start and finish times if required. In particular, the trainer always checks at the start of the course that the planned times are suitable for everyone.

The Invoice

The invoice is our formal request for payment (if you ordered via formal purchase order) and acts as a receipt if you ordered via pre-payment. It is generated and sent when we accept and confirm your order.

We may email a PDF copy of the invoice, post a printed version of it, or we may do both (if required). We send it either to the address given to us by you or printed on the formal purchase order.

The invoice contains the following information:

  1. Our unique invoice number.
  2. Your unique purchase order number (if you ordered via formal purchase order).
  3. Our unique VAT number.
  4. Details of the the training (to be) undertaken, including: course title and code, training dates, the training location and the number of attendees.
  5. The nett, all-inclusive price of the training.
  6. The amount of VAT (at the prevailing rate) to be added to the nett price.
  7. The total amount due including VAT at the prevailing rate.

If you ordered the training via formal purchase order, the invoice will also contain details of when payment will be due (see payment terms) and give details of ways to pay.

Payment Terms

If you have ordered the training via formal purchase order, when the training was confirmed, you will have been sent an invoice requesting payment for the training services.

Unless you preferred to order our training services without the need for a formal purchase order, we won't require payment until the training has been provided to your satisfaction. However, once the training is complete, we will require prompt payment.

Specifically, we will be expecting payment with seven calendar days after the last day of training. To facilitate this, we will have sent you our request for payment (the invoice) when we accepted and formally confirmed your order (usually a few weeks before the training takes place).

We won't require paying at this time. We send the invoice early in order to give your purchasing or finance department plenty of time to undertake the necessary internal procedures (eg, registering us as a supplier, logging our bank details on your computer system, etc). This hopefully avoids payment delay once the training is complete.

Ways To Pay


Our bank details which will enable you to pay directly via BACS are included on every invoice. We can also send them to you beforehand should you require it. It's best to send any requests for our bank details via email.

Complaints Procedure

In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with us in some way, we would like to assure you that this would be of very serious concern to us. We would wish to know about any difficulties as soon as possible so that we may have an opportunity to rectify things promptly.

We ask you to do the following:

  1. If possible, talk to the trainer during the course of the training.
  2. If you become aware of a problem after the training has taken place, then write to us or email us using the following contact details:

    The Training Manager
    Lumia Development
    Kemp House
    152 City Road
    EC1V 2NX
    United Kingdom

    email: admin@lumia.com

If you believe that your concern is serious enough for us to invoke our guarantee, we ask you to write to us either via email or by letter to the above address no later than 14 calendar days beyond the completion of the training.

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  • All tutor expenses
  • Course laptops
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  • Course software
  • Projection facility
  • Course notes
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  • Certificate of attendance

Course notes and practical work are made available online for each attendee after the course.


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