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SQL Training in Winchester

On site SQL training. One low fixed price for up to 6 per course.

"Very good, the SQL files were amazing and I never felt I hadn't been given a chance to answer a question whilst still being challenged by the projects which were very satisfying to complete."

Solutions Consultant
ProcessFlows UK
Winchester, Hampshire


Database Querying with SQLSQL~Winchester~2~Hampshire~the South training outline
Introductory ANSI SQL training for developers or users who only need to extract (not modify) data stored in database servers like: SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.
Introduction to SQLSQL~Winchester~2~Hampshire~the South training outline
Practical Introductory ANSI SQL training for developers or users who need to query and modify data stored in database servers like SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.
A Foundation in SQLSQL~Winchester~2~Hampshire~the South training outline
Introductory to intermediate level ANSI SQL training for developers or users who need to query and modify data stored in database servers like SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL and MySQL.
SQL Skills Booster WorkshopSQL~Winchester~2~Hampshire~the South training outline
Practical skills booster ANSI SQL training for existing SQL developers or users who are currently working with data stored in database servers like SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL and MySQL and who wish to take their existing SQL skills to the next level.

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"Excellent course, the hands-on approach meant I could work at my own pace and I feel I covered more and will remember much more of it than a standard lecture-style course."

Electronic Design Engineer
Xyratex Technology
Havant, Hampshire

"Individuals were able to work at their own pace, so useful for all - did not feel as though I was either rushed or having to wait for others to catchup."

AP Process Development Manager
Carnival UK
Southampton, Hampshire

"All the practical work was most useful. It was good to 'have a go' at writing our own queries rather than being talked at for two days."

Data Tester
Ordnance Survey
Southampton, Hampshire

"It was great, I could work through in my own time, I didn't feel rushed or like I was being left behind. I could ask questions whenever I needed help."

Software Tester
Farnborough, Hampshire

"Every aspect of the course was incredibly useful and completely relevant to my day job."

Senior Operational Analyst
Bournemouth, Dorset

"I was very impressed. I feel like I have learnt a lot from the course and will be able to take it away to use in my day job."

Intelligence Analyst
Surrey Police
Guildford, Surrey

"Particularly like how once the material for the course has been covered, you can go on to content in a more advanced course."

Symphony EYC
Richmond, Surrey

"The self-directed learning was really useful. It was nice to be able to go at my own speed! I also found having the solution documents there if I needed quite reassuring."

Information Analyst
Dorset County Hospital
Dorchester, Dorset

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To deliver SQL training on your site in Winchester, our all-inclusive, fixed prices start at:

£995.00 + vat per day for up to 6 attendees per course.


Our unique, tried and tested, practical methodology means we can successfully get the individal pace right for up to 15 attendees per course - email us now to find out how!


The price includes:

  • The tutor
  • All tutor expenses
  • Course laptops
  • Extension leads
  • Course software
  • Projection facility
  • Course notes
  • Example data
  • Certificate of attendance

Course notes and practical work are made available online for each attendee after the course.


All you have to organise is:

  • The attendees
  • The room


Yes We Can !

We can deliver our SQL training at your venue in Winchester and throughout the UK:

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